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Belton House (National Trust)



Adult Price (per person)


Price Information

60+ £34.75 Child 5-18 years £30.25 Child 3+4 years £18.75

Trip Details

Today we travel to Lincolnshire to visit Belton House, run by the National Trust, one of the finest restoration houses in the country built in the 1680s for “Young” Sir John Brownlow. Explore the magnificent rooms with stunning interiors at your own pace. In contrast take a guided tour of the more austere servants’ area below stairs. Take a stroll to visit the formal Italian and Dutch Gardens, lakeside walks, 12th century parish church and beautiful landscaped park with its majestic deer herd. (There are many steps to climb around the public route of the House)
Price includes entrance to Belton House and Gardens. NT Members - please ring Kee Travel for seperate price.
Belton House (National Trust)